I’m sitting in a hotel room in Morioka after a week packed with things to do. Even though it’s only for a short rest, it’s nice to slow down for a second and get a chance to breathe. I landed in Japan on Sunday, and since then my days have been packed with orientations, traveling, and trying unsuccessfully to overcome jet lag. Continue reading Here


JET Tip: Learn to Read

So a while ago, I wrote this big thing about being contacted by my contracting organization with a bunch of information and my opinion on the situation I thought I would be going into.

I had all kinds of plans and ideas of what I was going to and how I was going to approach everything upon my arrival, but something told me to go back and take a look at the email I had received.

Sure enough, I realized that I misread a crucial part of the email. Continue reading JET Tip: Learn to Read


Now that you’ve finished the interview, there’s nothing you can do but wait that painful last few months until you get your results. After a 6 month process of alternating between scurrying to complete paperwork and patiently awaiting feedback, you’re finally going to get an answer to set you free from the anxiety of having your life on standby. You finally get that long-awaited email from your consulate, only to see that you’ve been placed as an alternate.

So what now? Continue reading Alternate


Now that I’m officially on the shortlist for the JET Program, I can finally relax. It was a long process of not knowing for sure if I would end up going, but now it’s just a couple months of coasting before I take off.

I wanted to talk a little about what I’m expecting out of the program. I think it will be interesting to look back on this post in the future and see my thought process a week after being shortlisted. Continue reading Expectations